Wednesday, January 18, 2012

O&H Danish - A Unique Experience

There is no shortage of poor customer service experiences to write about, companies that just don't get it.  Well, it is a pleasure to write about one of the best experiences I have ever had with a company, in fact a unique experience.

My neighbor told us about O&H Danish Bakery and their "Kringle" danish product that made a great holiday gift.  So I went on line and ordered one for a relative in FL.  Guaranteed 2-day delivery, it was scheduled to be delivered on the Friday before Christmas.  It was and our relatives raved about how good the Kringle was.  Great product, on-time delivery, but it doesn't end there.

When I got home from my business trip last week, there was a letter from O&H (click on image to the right) stating they were unable to process my credit card, but to avoid inconvenience, they delivered the Kringle anyway.  They simply asked that I call to make fix the credit card payment.  I called the next morning and made a credit card payment.  I sincerely thanked the rep I spoke to.

Wow!  What a great philosophy.  Nearly ever company I can think of would have stopped the order to get the payment first, messed up the holiday gift, and had an unhappy customer (even though it was my fault).  But O&H figures, they're not going to ruin a Christmas gift, or allow the customer to have a bad experience.  Instead they took the chance that most people are honest and will square up their bill.  The potential risk of lost revenue was far outweighed by goodwill and positive word of mouth, not just about the great danish, but a great company.

Bravo!  Cheers!  O&H gets it.  And they now have a very loyal customer.  And I want to tell everyone because this kind of company doesn't come along everyday.


  1. Ahh...customer service! It does seem as though those words are usually connected with terrible adjectives! As you have said, it is wonderful to be able to share good experiences and applaud those companies that understand what "customer service" actually is. May I share another? This past Christmas, I bought a toy for my neighbor's dog that was labeled "Invincible" meaning that even if the squeaker was punctured, it would still squeak. Within a half an hour of receiving it, the dog toy was completely devoured, squeaker out (not squeaking), basically destroyed. Hmmm...invincible - I don't think so! So I videoed the dog and toy and sent an email to the manufacturer, Kyjen. I received an immediate response from them apologizing and stating that yes, some pups are tougher than the toys and asking for my address to send a replacement toy. (I wasn't asking for a replacement, just letting them know that to some dogs, nothing is invincible!) I sent them my address and within 5 days a new toy arrived at my door. It's customer service like this that will have me buying all my future dog toys from this company. By the way, they are quite the company - check them out at Why can't customer service be this easy for all companies! Thanks for blogging!

    1. That's for your story Cindy. Maybe other companies will see how well we react and how loyal we are to excellent customer service, and provide better service themselves.