Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DVDfab is just that!

Several years ago, when I was still using a Windows machine, I bought DVDfab to rip DVDs for my laptop. Great app, lots of features and fast. Fast forward to present. I just partitioned my MacBook Pro to run Windows 7 with BootCamp instead of a virtual machine (future post) and decided to re-install DVDfab. They had always been great about sending me updates and resending my passkey when I lost it. It has been years but I gave it a try.

I emailed DVDfab that I had lost my passkey. They responded in <12 hours with an email containing a link to resend my passkey and download DVDfab v8 (I last used v4). My license never expires and it all went smoothly. Great customer support and licensing program at DVDfab. If you have any DVD ripping needs, be sure to check them out. DVDfab.com

My next project is to rip my favorite DVDs to a network drive and stream them to my TV on demand. More on that later.

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