Friday, March 11, 2011

goHow Airport - Know the Airport

I tried a new app this week called goHow that gives you lots of information about airports, most useful while you're in them or headed there, things like locations of food, shops, ATMs, often with specific locations, such as near gate B29. (Also the Boston Globe called me to get my opinion of the app. I contributed some content to their article but it was understandably short and missed some points that I felt needed additional coverage so I've written a more in-depth blog post here.)

I've often arrived in an airport that I don't go to often and needed a Bank of America ATM for example and goHow Airport would be very helpful to find it. The app has been written for iPhone (but not specifically for iPad meaning you have to double size it) and Blackberry. I'm told that an Android version is coming later this year (that seems like a long time). I tried it first with the airport I'm most familiar with, Boston Logan. It worked well, was free :-), seemed accurate/up-to-date. Some things seemed lacking though: no mention of Wi-Fi service in the terminal, parking availability by garage would have been useful before you head to the airport, and again, since I have a Motorola Atrix 4G Android phone, that OS support would have been key. I'd also like to see a feature where I could use my phone's camera to record my parking location at the airport for my return hunt for the car. When you travel as much as I do, there is no remembering where you parked unless less you have some record of it.

The app also supports flight tracking and notification though you must enter your flight info manually. But this isn't a travel app like TripIt or WorldMate, it's an Airport app. Knowing what an app is intended for and how you're going to use it goes a long way toward matching your expectations with your experience. So, yes, I will certainly use this, especially in away-from-home airports. Why not? It has good information, (again) it's free and it will just get better with time as more features are added. I'll just use it more when it's valuable on Android.

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